Guild of Guardians Game Guide

Guild of Guardians (GoG) stands as an epic fantasy role-playing game (RPG) where players lead their team of Guardians through diverse dungeons, battling monsters and bosses to collect materials, resources, and earn experience points. Developed by Immutable Games in collaboration with Mineloader Studios, this mobile game is currently undergoing a regional test launch.

The game is free to play, allowing players to summon a team of Guardians and level them up as they navigate dungeons. Each Guardian requires armor and weapons, which can be upgraded. The ultimate goal is to create the strongest team capable of adapting to any situation, defeating bosses, and earning valuable, tradable rewards.

In Guild of Guardians, the strategy of a team of Guardians is just as vital as their individual skillsets. The synergy between Guardians is crucial, determined by their attributes. Each Guardian possesses faction, aptitude, and domain attributes, combining with others for stacked damage or advantages in dungeons.

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