What can I find in the Research section?

The Research section collates a well-curated selection of cutting-edge research in the blockchain space. It offers existing articles from various sources so that users are able to conduct their own analyses as well as examine interesting topics for leisure. Through the Research Hub, Playcore strives to be a home base for high-level game strategy and other forms of theoretical exploration in the blockchain gaming space.

What can I find in the Podcasts section?

The Podcasts section collates some of the best podcasts in Web3. Here you can tune into deep dives from some of the top minds in the industry as they tackle relevant topics in the blockchain space.

What can I find in the Games section?

The Games section contains 22 Web3 games and offers powerful on-chain data analytics that provide key data points incorporating game metrics and prices for in-game items, NFTs, tokens and other popular assets in on-chain marketplaces. With access to in-game data that is beautifully visualized, users leveraging the Playcore platform for data-based decision making will score a competitive advantage in P2E games.

What can I find in the Calendar section?

The events Calendar section aims to keep users updated with the latest events in Web3 gaming.

What can I find in the Socials section?

The Socials section offers a collection of twitter threads that tackle various Web3 topics from key persons in the industry.

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