What Analytics can we find on Playcore?


This section shows the overall analytics of a game such as:

  • Earners and Spenders

  • Earnings

  • Price Charts

  • Marketplace Sales Volume

  • NFT Minting

Population Analytics

The Population Analytics section gives us insights into the economic activity of a game.

  • Number of Wallets

  • Economy Participants

  • New, Continuing, Returning, and Dormant Earners and Spenders


The Tokenomics section showcases the economic activity of a game.

  • Total Minted and Burned

  • Minted and Burned per Period

  • Total Burned over Total Minted during the specified date range

  • Cumulative Net Minted and Burned SLP


The Marketplace section highlights player economy in action.

  • NFT Lowest Sale, NFT Average Price Sold

  • Average sale Price, Lowest Sale Price, and Number of Sales per Period

  • All Time Marketplace Participants

  • First-Time Marketplace Participants

  • NFT Sales Profitability

  • NFT Sales Holding Period

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