Dungeons and Gameplay

In GoG, dungeons are the main adventure that come with both danger and opportunities. When you meet enemies in dungeons, just press "Fight," and the battle starts by itself.

But first, be smart about your Guardians. Strategize around their different roles, domain advantages, and how best to assemble them in the party lineup. Think back about what each Guardian is good at. If they're good up close, put them in the front. If they attack from far away, put them in the back. Mages help your team with special skills, so keep them in the back. Tanks are strong and protect your team, so they go in the front.

Aside from formation, you also have to consider each Guardian’s skill. Every Guardian in your team has a special ultimate skill that's super powerful. This skill can really turn the tide of battles in your favor. When a Guardian's ultimate skill is ready, you'll see its avatar at the bottom right corner of the screen start glowing. Tap on that avatar to unleash the ultimate skill of that guardian. And remember, use the ultimate skills at the right time and in the right situation! Don't waste them on easy situations.

After each successful battle, you get gear, currency, runes, and other resources needed to level up in the game. Use them wisely!

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